Trabzonspor DSP
Trabzonspor Official Digital Sports Platform
Digital Sports Platform
Stronger Trabzonspor by Blockchain Technologies
Trabzonspor DSP

Digital Sports Platform

We are pleased to announce that Trabzonspor’s Digital Sports Platform is open for all Trabzonspor Fans and Football Lovers.

Trabzonspor Digital Sports Platform is the Official Digital Sports Platform of Trabzonspor and a brand of Trabzonspor.

Trabzonspor’s fans will be able to spend better time with Trabzonspor DSP, communicate more with Trabzonspor and support Trabzonspor for more success.

NFT Collections

With NFT, you can acquire not only digital assets, but physical assets such as signed jerseys, the right to vote on important decisions for the club, access to real-world organizations and many more applications and representations.

  • Digital Football Club Memberships
  • Digital Player Cards
  • Digital Football Collections
  • Physical Football Collections
  • Football Club Memories
  • Fan Memories
  • Digital Tickets
  • Sponsor Collections
  • Charity & Support Collections

İskenderunspor is Digitalizing and Increasing Brand Value

Digitaliga is doing everything it takes for the Football Club.

Setting up and operating a digital football platform requires experience and knowledge that a Football Club does not need to know.

We do everything for the Football Club.

İskenderunspor Brand

Iskenderunspor.Digital is the Official Digital Football Platform of Iskenderunspor and Iskenderunspor Flour Brand

NFT & Digital Asset Based

All Digital Assets on the Platform belong to the Fan, they can be bought, sold and transferred with NFT Technology.

Cryptocurrency Economy

Digital Assets with Turkish Lira and Cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold as NFT on the Digital Football Platform.

Multi Application

More experience more fun with Blockchain, NFT, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

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