Digitalizing Sport Clubs
on the Blockchain

Digitaliga is a Digital Sports Platform Provider for all Sports Clubs. We are increasing Fan Entertainment & Loyalty to create new and continuous revenue channels for Sports Clubs.

Digital Sports Platforms are powered by Blockchain Technologies and Crypto Economy, covering NFT Collections, Voting Applications, Digital Games, Shop2Earn and Play2Earn Applications.


Sports Clubs and Fans are Stronger Together.

Digital Sports Platforms form the basis of our goal of creating a stronger communication environment full of powerful digital experiences for sports fans with blockchain-based technology and applications.

Our aim is to be a pioneer, leader and beloved sports brand in its field, and to be an admired technology company.

We dedicate our work to creativity and the values we share with sports clubs.

With a passion for innovation in blockchain technologies and applications, we strive to present best practices to the sports and blockchain world.

By the end of the 2026 we aim to reach 9 Million Sports Fan Members with the digital sports platforms we will establish for sports clubs worldwide.


Developing blockchain-based applications that increase the loyalty and communication of sports fans to their clubs, make the fans a part of the management, and enable them to have a better time.

To create sustainable sources of income for sports clubs.

We want to inspire clubs and athletes with applications that will support not only professional men and women players, but also amateur sports clubs and their players.

5 billion people in the world have bank accounts, but less than 150 million people have cryptocurrency accounts, and the vast majority use cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle. We aim to spread blockchain applications to the entire world population, to increase cryptocurrency literacy and to use cryptocurrency as a tool.


While creating sustainable income sources for Sports Clubs, generating long-term operational income for Digitaliga.

To increase the brand value of sports clubs, to create more channels for marketing, to create tools to support amateur athletes and to ensure that the sports club meets not only with the fans, but also with all the people of the city they are in.

To enable fans to be a partner in club decisions with the Voting Application.

Creating continuous entertainment for sports fans with Digital Games and Augmented Reality applications.

To create an accurate, up-to-date and ever-growing user database for Sports Clubs that includes name, surname, e-mail and mobile phone information.

Bringing more sponsors to Sports Clubs, developing applications and tools for sports clubs and sponsors to interact more effectively and actively.

Creating income channels that will generate more income with data-based Digital Marketing methods.

Blockchain Mass Adoption: Promote mass adoption of blockchain technologies by bringing sports clubs and tens of millions of non-crypto-trading fans and members into the cryptocurrency economy.

Creating tens of millions of NFT and cryptocurrency transfers every year for Blockchain Networks, creating value for the blockchain community.


Uğur İşbuyuran

Founder & CEO

Mete Ali Başkaya

Vice President


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Platform Installation

Digitaliga develop and installs the whole platform and continuously develop it

Platform Operation

All the operation is done for the Sports Club in touch with the club’s management and marketing teams

Content Management

Sports Clubs don’t need to worry about creating the content or manage it, Digitaliga manage it under club’s full authorization

Digital Marketing

It’s not just installing and running the platform; we deliver digital marketing services to create more revenue

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