Blockchain Mass Adoption

“How do you want to pay? By cash, debit card, credit card or crypto?”

This question will be asked in every shopping in the future, or it will be an option among payment methods by everyone. Currently, we pay to a debit or credit card in fiat currencies such as USD, EUR or TRY, however, automatic or manual conversion of cryptocurrencies held in accounts to fiat money will soon be added to methods such as selling foreign currency, using loans, using investment accounts to reach fiat money.

If you think that this process will take a long time, you are wrong, many of the banks you are using now will start to provide cryptocurrency trading and custody services and integrate them into their services.

Today, cryptocurrencies are mostly an investment tool, but with each passing day, cryptocurrencies have begun to enter daily life as a payment method and for different purposes.

Even when it is only an investment tool, it is still far from the population that does not trade in a stock market environment, even with fiat money, and cryptocurrency literacy is at a low level.

It is not easy to use DeFi Wallets, it is also necessary to have experience in Wwap exchanges in order to stay in the DeFi system completely, even in Central Exchanges, which are easier environments, buying, selling, sending cryptocurrencies requires a certain experience and expertise, and since it is precisely positioned as an investment tool, the market, It contains many terms that standard users do not know, such as limit, stop.

The Digital Football Platforms that Digitaliga established for Football clubs work on blockchain technology and naturally work with the trading economy with cryptocurrencies.

Digitaliga will enable users who can open an account in a very simple way, to buy, sell and send on their own accounts without the need to know cryptocurrency terms. Users will not even need a DeFi Wallet if they want to stay simple, but higher end users will be able to use DeFi wallets if they want.

Digitaliga will reshape cryptocurrency not as an investment tool but for daily use, thereby attracting millions of users to the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Platform Installation

Digitaliga develop and installs the whole platform and continuously develop it

Platform Operation

All the operation is done for the Football Club in touch with the club’s management and marketing teams

Content Management

Football Clubs don’t need to worry about creating the content or manage it, Digitaliga manage it under club’s full authorization

Digital Marketing

It’s not just installing and running the platform; we deliver digital marketing services to create more revenue

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